Sarah McMenemy

Sarah McMenemy

Original book artwork by Sarah McMenemy is available for purchase from Children's Book Illustration.

Sarah studied at Chelsea School of Art and Brighton University where she graduated with a degree in Illustration.

On leaving art school Sarah worked for a wide variety of magazines and top design and advertising groups. A notable job came from London Underground to create a permanent installation of eighteen full height panels lining the platforms at Shadwell Station on the East London Line. Her reportage illustrations portray the richness of the East End from pubs, market stalls and tenement blocks to majestic tall ships and Hawksmoor churches.

Since 2003 Sarah has been writing and illustrating children's books, first Waggle and then Jack's New Boat, both published by Walker Books. She's also illustrated the Bonnie series of books written by Bel Mooney, and several books in the U.S. including Everybody Bonjours! by Leslie Kimmelman and published by Knopf at Random House. More recently Sarah was awarded an Original Art Medallion by the Society of Illustrators for Tillie the Terrible Swede, published by Random House, New York. However, her 3D City Skyline series of books for Walker Books have proved hugely popular and she seems to be constantly working on a new city somewhere!

Further information can be found on Sarah's own website.


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The Twilight Saga: Official Illustrated Guide
BERLIN - A 3D expanding city skyline
WASHINGTON, D.C. - A 3D expanding city skylin
PARIS - A 3D expanding city skyline
LONDON - A 3D expanding city skyline


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  • ‘Seattle Space Needle’

    ‘Seattle Space Needle’

  • ‘Volterra Clocktower’

    ‘Volterra Clocktower’

  • ‘Romanian Castle’

    ‘Romanian Castle’

  • ‘Newton's Olympic Outfitters’

    ‘Newton's Olympic Outfitters’

  • ‘The Meadow ’

    ‘The Meadow ’

  • ‘Isle Esme’

    ‘Isle Esme’

  • ‘The Harbour’

    ‘The Harbour’

  • ‘Forks High School’

    ‘Forks High School’

  • ‘Finch's Diner’

    ‘Finch's Diner’

  • ‘The Cullen's House’

    ‘The Cullen's House’

  • ‘Cottage in the Woods’

    ‘Cottage in the Woods’

  • ‘Cliff Art’

    ‘Cliff Art’

  • ‘The Black's House’

    ‘The Black's House’

  • ‘Charlie's House’

    ‘Charlie's House’

  • ‘Bella's Baby Crib’

    ‘Bella's Baby Crib’

  • ‘Bella's Bedroom’

    ‘Bella's Bedroom’

  • ‘The Baseball Field’

    ‘The Baseball Field’

  • ‘The Amazon River’

    ‘The Amazon River’

  • ‘Appalachian Countryside’

    ‘Appalachian Countryside’