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Awesome exciting news!!

Rogan’s Books has just been officially awarded a grant from James Patterson. The internationally renowned author awards grants to independent bookshops across the UK and USA.

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James Patterson’s total donation to independent bookshops in the UK & Ireland has now hit £500,000! Almost 300 independent bookshops across the UK and Ireland have already received funding, making a huge difference to the provision of children’s’ books in those shops.

James Patterson says:
Far too many children are in danger of living their lives without books. This runs the risk of living in a world run by the shortsighted, by the empathy-challenged, and by the glib. Bookshops are the most viable bulwark against this and I need to be part of the fight to ensure their survival.  In the US, I have worked to identify independent bookshops for whom this money may make a difference, and bookshops that were already doing good work.  I have been inspired, moved and delighted by the innovative proposals I have received over the last year. I can’t wait to get started and see what the UK and Ireland’s incredible and pioneering bookshops propose. ”

For the children of Bedfordshire, this grant will help Rogan’s books develop our current premises to turn the drab and cold back rooms of the shop into exciting and welcoming spaces for children to use and explore. Expect magical cosy reading nooks, exciting and welcoming learning spaces, and an upgraded customer toilet with changing facilities!

More details and pictures coming soon.