We are SUPER-excited to bring you a review of Eirlys Hunter’s latest gripping adventure book, ‘The Mapmakers’ Race’, from Bedford’s very own cartographer-extraordinaire, mapmaker ‘Captain’ Alice Gadney of ‘Mini Map-Makers‘!

“I knew when I saw this book it would be good… but not until I read the first few pages did I realise it would be a book that I couldn‚Äôt put down – literally. I was half way through when I had to stop and go to bed‚Ķ at 11.59pm!

I could sit and look at the cover all day ‚Äď it is so¬†beautifully illustrated!

So, the Santander family are obviously an adventuring family. And what a fantastic adventure race they have, one with twists and turns, emotions and anticipation! We follow the family as they journey, with adventures (good and bad) along the way!

There are real heart-stopping moments, a page turner that keeps you gripped at every step. The story is so well described, and I love the illustrations throughout Рthey really give you an insight into the landscape, and the efforts they are going through to get to the end!

This story is one of the most exciting adventure books I have read ‚Äď not only because I love the process of map making, but due to Eirlys’ description of¬†the process. It is easy to understand for a younger audience, which is my passion!

If you love adventure, fast paced reading and maps ‚Äď then read this brilliant adventure story! I hope there is a next one…”

Huge thanks to Alice for her review – if this sounds like your kid of book, pop down to the shop! And if you’d like to learn more about Captain Alice’s mapmaking workshops and activites you can follow her on Facebook:¬†https://www.facebook.com/MiniMapMakers/ or via Twitter @MiniMapMakers and Instagram (minimapmakers)