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Yummy – Lucy Cousins



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Yummy – Lucy Cousins


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A major new book from Lucy Cousins, creator of Maisy. This collection of eight classic nursery stories pulls no punches – it is lively, bold and quite unforgettable! Lucy Cousins retells her favourite nursery stories in spare bold language and brilliant vibrant pictures. She gives their famous characters new life and imbues their great adventures with her own very modern magic. These stories are treasures of the imagination. They were first told long ago and they will be told again and again, far into the future. They never fail to stir and excite. Retold in this book: Little Red Riding HoodThe Three Billy Goats GruffThe Enormous TurnipHenny PennyGoldilocks and The Three BearsThe Little Red HenThe Three Little Pigs and The Musicians of Bremen.  
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