Ted Dewan

Ted Dewan

Original black & white artwork by Ted Dewan is available for purchase from Children's Book Illustration.

Ted Dewan has been an illustrator and cartoonist since 1988 when he moved to London from his native USA. After studying engineering, organ, electronic music, and art (with David Macaulay) at Brown University in Rhode Island, he taught high-school physics for five years at Milton Academy near Boston, Massachusetts. Throughout the 1990's, his illustrations regularly appeared in The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, and The Sunday Times. Since winning the 1992 Mother Goose Award for Inside the Whale and Other Animals, he has created both fiction and non-fiction picture books, including The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Top Secret, Crispin,The Pig Who Had It All (which won the Blue Peter Award) and the hugely successful Bing Bunny series of books which have more recently been animated for CBeebies!

He illustrates and writes reviews for The TES, and also writes and records musical "soundtracks" for most of his picture books, and maintains WormWorks.com, the website he shares with his wife, author/illustrator Helen Cooper. He is a former chair of the Children's Writers and Illustrator's Group (CWIG) of the Society of Authors and now lives in Oxford, England.

His other work includes the design and building of Oxford's first artist's Christmas Tree, the Cyclemas Tree. He is also a campaigner for more imaginative redesigns and repurposing of roads (www.roadwitch.org.uk) and has just completed turning a street in Oxfordshire into a "living space", complete with welcome mats, giant plant pots bearing the face of a Cheshire Car, hanging baskets that light up at night and reflective glass beads in the shape of stealth bombers. "When you're in a place where you're welcome as a guest, you treat it with respect," he says.


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