Jonny Hannah

Jonny Hannah

Jonny Hannah's Cakes & Ales screenprints are available for purchase from Children's Book Illustration.

Jonny Hannah was born & bred in Dunfermline, in the kingdom of Fife. He studied illustration at Liverpool Art School, where he was taught by the legendary Peter Bailey, & then The Royal College of Art. Since he graduated in 1998, he has constantly worked as an illustrator in most fields.

He has collaborated with the animator Jonathan Hodgson, & in 2000 they
completed 'The Man With The Beautiful Eyes', a five minute animation
for Channel Four Television which went on to win umpteen awards,
including the BAFTA that year.

Jonny likes to spend some of his hard earned money on his cottage
industry, Cakes & Ale Press, screenprinting books, posters, prints &
boxed sets. In 2001 he co-published 'The Captain's Alphabet' with Peter
Sampson at Merivale Editions, which like most of his fine printed
ephemera, quickly sold out.

'Hot Jazz Special', a book of red-hot rhymes & cool cats, is his first
offering for children & published by Walker Books. It was shortlisted for the 2005 V & A Illustration Award. His other passions include Hank Williams & Emmett Miller at The Unquiet Grave. He often wears correspondent shoes & enjoys the odd fine whisky, whilst constantly pondering the life & times of the mysterious Rocket Man.


Click on the prints below to see them enlarged, together with details of price, size etc
  • ‘Cakes & Ale Press Exhibition poster 2005’

    ‘Cakes & Ale Press Exhibition poster 2005’

  • ‘Jimmy the Saint’

    ‘Jimmy the Saint’

  • ‘Mysterious Mose’

    ‘Mysterious Mose’

  • ‘Rocket Man Recites No. 4’

    ‘Rocket Man Recites No. 4’

  • ‘Astro Scout’

    ‘Astro Scout’

  • ‘Elizabeth David’

    ‘Elizabeth David’

  • ‘Shooting Arcade’

    ‘Shooting Arcade’

  • ‘Hats off  to Hardy’

    ‘Hats off to Hardy’

  • ‘Mr Gerry Mulligan’

    ‘Mr Gerry Mulligan’